Montzen (Plombières, B) | Saint Stephen

In 1784-1785 the organbuilders Binvignat and Houdtappel of Maastricht built an organ for the parish of Montzen. The earlier contract required the re-use of part of the earlier instrument. The famous builders Pereboom & Leyser, also of Maastricht enlarged the organ during 1889-1890, which was effectively a totally new instrument. The organ case of 1784 and a third of the old stops were retained.


At the time, both these organ builders were considered to be at the peak of their craftsmanship, representative of the contemporary romantic style. This is still reflected to this day in the quality and the choice of the fundamental registers and reed stops.


The ground-rules established for the 1996 restoration required the painstaking repair and conservation of all old parts of the organ.


Stop list


C – g '''


Bourdon 16'

Montre 8'

Flûte harmonique 8'

Bourdon 8'

Viole de Gambe 8'

Prestant 4'

Doublette 2'

Fourniture III

Cornet V c #'

Trompette 8'



GO / Récit


Récit expressif

C – g '''


Diapason 8'

Salicional 8'

Bourdon 8'

Voix Céleste 8' c°

Flûte 4'

Trompette 8'

Basson / Hautbois 8'

Voix Humaine 8'





C – d '


Soubasse 16' (from GO)

Flûte 8' (from GO)

Bombarde 16'


GO / Pedale

Récit / Pédale


Montzen (Plombières, B)
Built in
1785 / 1890 / 1996
Organ builder
Binvignat & Houtappel / Theodoor Pereboom / Guido Schumacher
Stop list
II – P, 21