Mortier (Blegny, B) | Saint Peter

The organ was built in 1845 by the brothers Molinghen, organ builders from Mortier between, 1856 and 1875. The dozen instruments they were known to have built are with one exception, one-manual organs consisting of ten stops and a pull-down pedal.


The specification is of the classic tradition from Liège, enlarged with some romantic 8'- and 4'- romantic stops but the individual and high pitched mutations of the earlier period were discarded. The case designs of the Molinghen often have neobaroque features with their three semicircular towers and a built-in front or side console.


The main aim of the restoration was a complete rebuilding of all components including windchests, mechanical parts action, wind systems and pipework. The reed stop ‘Bassoon-Oboe’, which had either disappeared or had never been built, was reconstructed after a historical model; the pedal compass was enlarged to 27 notes and enriched with an independent Subbass 16'.


Stop list


C – g '''


Bourdon 16'

Montre 8'

Bourdon 8' bas / haut

Viole de Gambe 8' bas / haut

Flûtine 8' haute

Prestant 4'

Doublette 2'

Founiture III

Cornet IV

Trompette 8' basse / haute

Basson 8' bas / Hautbois 8' haut



C – d '


Soubasse 16'


Tirasse fixe GO


Mortier (Blegny, B)
Built in
1845 / 1989
Organ builder
Molinghen Frères / Guido Schumacher
Stop list
I – P, 12