In 1834, a new single-manual organ was built by Theodoor Smet (1782-1853) from Duffel. There are no exact details about the organ. In 1859, Jean Corneille Charles Delhaye carried out a first rebuild, during which some stops were changed.
In 1891, the organ was then extended by Petrus Stevens-Vermeersch to an instrument with 2 manuals and the case was arranged in two parts to the right and left of the west window.
The restoration concept: The reconstruction of the 1834 state by T. Smet is the most feasible and historically justified. To this end, the divided organ case must be reassembled into a whole, with the altered elements either removed or restored. The restored organ will once again be a single-manual organ, as in the past.
The console, the action and the wind supply will have to be rebuilt according to the model of the existing Smet organs.

Stop list



Montre 8'

Viola di Gamba 8'

Bourdon 8'

Prestant 4'

Flûte 4'

Viola 4'

Doublette 2'

Flageolet 2'

Plein Jeu

Trompette 8'



fixed coupler

Herentals, Begijnhof St-Catharina
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Organ builder
Stop list
I-P, 11