A well-designed house organ is more than a practice instrument and also more than a reduced version of a larger church organ. House organs are a category in their own rights with their own specific requirements. They are usually built where space and height are limited. The 4 to 10 stops of this organ are spread over two manuals with pulldown pedals and couplers to each of the manuals. In this way a wide range of registration colors can be obtained, musically satisfying even when interpreting major works of the organ literature. Such an organ can be equally pleasing when participating in chamber music, the playing of basso-continuo parts and accompanying. The organ specifications at the bottom of this page can be adapted as required to meet the particular requirements of the player.


The elegant organ case will be individually crafted in each instance in order to match and enhance the interior design of the room.


Stop list

Manual I


Gedeckt 8'

Prinzipal 2'

Quinte 1 '

Holzkrummhorn 8'



Manual II / Manual I


Manual II


Gedeckt 8'

Rohrflöte 4'

Nasat 2 ⅔'

Terz 1 ⅗'





Manual I / Pedal

Manual II / Pedal


Organ builder
Stop list
II – P, 4 – 10