Remlingrade (Radevormwald, D) | Evangelical Church

Just as in other protestant churches of the Bergisches Land the three essential elements of the reformed service are arranged vertically: the altar, the pulpit, the organ.


The specification, however, which is French classic, is quite original.


The case dates back to 1903, but the layout of the front pipes has been completely redesigned for the reconstruction of the instrument and a few foundation stops of the previous instrument dating from the 19th century have been used in the second manual.


The conception is typical of the historical models: the upper Great Organ, the lower case organ with a Pedal organ at the back.


Stop list

Positiv I


Gedeckt 8'

Quintade 8'

Prinzipal 4'

Nasat 2 '

Flöte 2'

Terz 1 '

Mixtur III

Krummhorn 8'




Hauptwerk II


Prinzipal 8'

Rohflöte 8'

Oktave 4'

Superoktave 2'

Mixtur III

Zimbel II

Kornett V

Trompete 8'

Clairon 4'




Subbass 16'

Oktavbass 8'

Choralbass 4'

Trompete 8'


Positiv / Hauptwerk

Hauptwerk / Pedal

Positiv / Pedal


Remlingrade (Radevormwald, D)
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Organ builder
Stop list
II – P, 21