Benrath (Düsseldorf, D) | Saint Cecilia

In 1976 the Seifert Company from Kevelaer transformed a pneumatic instrument originally built by Fabritius from Düsseldorf. New electrical chests replaced the originals, a Rückpositiv was added and several foundation stops were discarded in order to give room to new upper work.


30 years elapsed until the lack of homogeneity and the ever increasing technical issues made a total renovation mandatory. The Great and Swell divisions were reshaped closer to their original romantic tonal design whereas much of the neo-baroque ranks were regrouped in the Rückpositiv. The project – executed by the Schumacher Company – comprised also the following tasks:


  • Addition of three new reed stops: free-reed Clarinet 8’, Harmonic trumpet and Pedal trumpet.
  • Construction of a new expressive box.
  • Aesthetical remodelling of the Rückpositiv case.
  • Comprehensive revoicing.


Eckhard Isenberg –responsible for the project before the diocese – wrote in his reception report: “The ensemble of this organ is of a particular dynamic richness, going from the nearly imperceptible sound (enclosed Bourdon 8’ with the box shut) trough a wide 8’ palette – enriched by sub-unison octave couplers – up to a powerful Tutti, encompassing nearly endless combination possibilities…”. Having known the instrument prior to its renovation, we now do have the impression of being before an entirely new organ. Judicious additions to the existent material gave highly satisfying results, demonstrating the vast possibilities offered by the judicious and cohesive renovation of an organ that suffered numerous changes over time. Elements of different periods and styles were all preserved, restored and given new value through its integration into a new coherent concept.


Stop list

Hauptwerk I


Bordun 16'

Prinzipal 8'

Gemshorn 8'

Harmonieflöte 8'

Prestant 4'

Quinte 2 '

Oktave 2'

Mixtur IV

Trompete 8'


Manualkoppel II / I

Manualkoppel III / I

Subkoppel III / I 16'


Rückpositiv II


Gedackt 8' Holz

Prinzipal 4'

Flöte 4'

Waldflöte 2'

Quinte 2 '

Terz 1 '

Krummhorn 8'



Manualkoppel III / II


Schwellwerk III


Prinzipal 8'

Salicional 8'

Gedackt 8'

Prinzipal 4'

Traversflöte 4'

Dolkan 2'

Vox coelestis 8' c°

Trompette harm. 8'

Klarinette 8'

Oboe 8'



Subkoppel III / III 16'




Prinzipal 16'

Subbass 16'

Oktavbass 8'

Gedecktbass 8'

Choralbass 4'

Posaune 16'

Trompete 8'


Pedalkoppel I / P

Pedalkoppel II / P

Pedalkoppel III / P


Benrath (Düsseldorf, D)
Built in
1908 / 2007
Organ builder
Edmund Fabritius / Guido Schumacher
Stop list
III – P, 33