Boscombe (Bournemouth, UK) | Corpus Christi

The main purpose of this organ, which was conceived as a mobile choir organ, is to accompany the boys’ choir. The organ features a console located at the back and a lowered central part giving the organist the best possible view of the conductor.


The specification is particularly well suited for the liturgical tasks: the second manual with its only 8' - stop in transmission is for the accompaniment of the cantor and allows a quick change in the dynamics without having to change stops. The stop list is enriched with the mutations in the treble. These were often used in the English literature for manuals and are of use in voluntaries and interludes in the liturgy.


Stop list



Stopped diapason 8'

Principal 4'

Chimney flute 4'

Fifteenth 2'

Nasard 2 ' treble from a°

Tierce 1 ' treble from a°

Mixture III




Stopped diapason 8' (Transmission Great)




Great / Pedal

Choir / Pedal


Boscombe (Bournemouth, UK)
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Organ builder
Stop list
II – P, 8