Our workshop

Since 2011, the workshop of Organbuilding Schumacher is located in a 2,100 m² building, idyllically situated near the forest, on the outskirts of Eupen, in the German-speaking part of Belgium.

The bench room and assembly hall are united a single large hall. An elaborate heating and humidification system guarantees the stability of the indoor climate, essential for a rigorous restoration of valuable historical heritage.

The wood shop is equipped with modern machinery with great attention for safety standards and a powerful suction system ensuring an excellent working environment.


The pipe shop is fully equipped for metal working and provides three employees with a spacious workplace.


The choice and quality of wood is essential to organ building. We have a permanent stock of 25 to 30 m³ of air-dried oak.


For the construction of windchests and for all components of the wind supply we exclusively use in our purpose-built pool "washed" oak, to prevent the long term destruction risks of high-lead alloy pipes exposed to oak tannins released in certain climatic conditions, as was demonstrated in the "Collapse" scientific research project by the Organ Art Centre of the University of Gothenburg.


We welcome our visitors in our reception area and meeting room.