A chest or box organ must have a compact form. It should be robust, easy to transport and have a very precise keyboard action. It must also be able to respond to differing musical needs, this with only a few stops. The typical use of such an organ is in the accompaniment of recitatives, arias and choruses, participation in chamber music and as a solo instrument in organ concerti. The concertino organ is the fruit of a long and mature tradition. It may have bass and treble stop division, transposing keyboard for early music and a refined sound to meet the wide range of demands made on such instruments.


Stop list


C – g '''


Gedeckt 8' bass / treble

Flöte 4' bass / treble

Prestant 2' bass / treble

Zimbel II


415 / 440 Hz


Organ builder
Stop list
I, 4