We are continually approached by students and professors at all levels of teaching and learning in their search for a small mechanical pipe organ for practice. This has to be affordable even on a modest budget, but without any compromise in precision and technical performance. It must stand up to the most intensive usage. This demand was at the root of our design for a single stop 4' or 8' organ with two manuals and pedals. A sensitive mechanical action transmits the touch from the player to the pipe. Delicate voicing, combined with indirect radiation of the sound, avoids excessive tiredness, even after long hours of practice. The organ can be supplied according to differing historic or contemporary keyboard dimensions and compasses according to the needs of the player. Technical mastery of the repertory on this kind of an organ is the best preparation for an impeccable performance on other organs.


Stop list

Manuals and pedal


Flute 4


Gedeckt 8' / Rohrflute 8'


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Stop list
II - P, 1