Setterich-Siersdorf (Baesweiler-Aldenhoven, D) | Our Lady of Mercy

In an organ review, the instrument was described as : ... An organ - with the different elements, Great, Pedal and Choir Organ, clearly identifiable - erected on the gallery in the central line of the room. From there, it dominates the space acoustically as well as optically and the successful harmony between  the cases and the fronts give the instrument a true artistic value... The tonal result has been inspired by the French Baroque organ tonal ideal with its mellow diapasons and its discreet and restrained trebles in the plein jeu.


Stop list



Prinzipal 8'

Rohflöte 8'

Oktave 4'

Superoktave 2'

Mixtur IV

Krummhorn 8'



Rückpositiv / Hauptwerk




Gedeckt 8'

Offenflöte 4'

Nasat 2 '

Prinzipal 2'

Terz 1 '

Zimbel III





Subbass 16'

Flöte 8'

Choralbass 4'


Hauptwerk / Pedal

Rückpositv / Pedal


Setterich-Siesdorf (Badenweiler, D)
Built in
Organ builder
Guido Schumacher
Stop list
II – P, 15