Cortrick (B) | Sacred Heart

Even in a small instrument a swell organ is particularly welcome to accompany the daily chants of the religious community. The plein jeu of the Great organ is rather used for Sundays and holidays services.


The outline of the simple case organ design, which reminds one of the medieval triptychs, stands out against the large church window in the back wall.


Stop list

Great I


Roerfluit 8'

Prestant 4'

Doublette 2'

Mixtuur III

Trompet 8' bas / diskant


Swell II


Gedekt 8' 

Salicional 8'

Fluit 4'

Nazard 2 ' treble from a°

Terts 1 ' treble from a°




Subbass 16'


Pedalcoupler I / P

Pedalcoupler II / P

Manualcoupler II / I



Kortrijk (B)
Built in
Organ builder
Guido Schumacher
Stop list
II – P, 11