Wiemesmeer (Zutendaal, B) | Saint Joseph

The origin of this instrument is not known with certainty, but it was probably built by Pieter Adam Van Dinter from Maaseik (1808-1887). Towards the end of last century or at the beginning of this century, this organ was transferred to the «Convent of Holy Mount» of Tottington in the English county of Lancashire. Shortly before the demolition of the church in 1993, it was sold to the village of Wiemesmeer, where it was erected in the choir. Pieter Adam Van Dinter is the most famous representative of this dynasty of organ builders, who were mainly active in the Belgian Limbourg in the 19th century.


The organ of Wiemesmeer is typical of the organ building of the time with its single manual and pull down pedals. The stoplist of the organ was exclusively designed to fulfill liturgical functions and the large variety of foundation stops, finely shaded at 8' and 4' stops gives a clear picture of the orchestral tone thought ideal at the time. A Flute 2' stop crowns the whole. The trumpet stops confer majesty and nobility on the instrument. A large scale 16' provides a supporting bass. The technical practice corresponds to the organ style of the time : the key- desk is placed at the side of the organ and the action travels two squares and a horizontal rollerboard. The windchests and the large horizontal bellows have a normal classsical layout in the lower part.


The case with its three half-round towers and its two curved flats is undoubtedly inspired by the local baroque models. Originally only the front was in oak, but during the restoration the side pipewalls and the back were also made in oak.


The soft voicing which was in keeping with the meditative aspect of monastic life has been adapted to the new place of the instrument being more in keeping with the organ builder’s aim.


Stop list

Hoofdwerk   C - f '''


Bourdon 16'

Montre 8'

Viola di Gamba 8'

Bourdon 8'

Salicional 8'

Prestant 4'

Dulciana 4'

Flûte 4'

Flageolet 2'

Trompette 8' basse/dessus

Clairon 4'


Pedaal  C - f °


tirasse fixe

Wiemesmeer (Zutendaal, B)
Built in
18... / 1993
Organ builder
Pieter Adam Van Dinter / Guido Schumacher
Stop list
I – P, 11