Sint-Truiden (B) | Our Lady

This organ came originally from the Jesuit church in Liège where it had been erected at two different epochs. In 1728 there was a positive organ in the gallery. When the Great Organ of 1738 was built the old positive became the ‘Rückpositiv’. In 1821 this organ was moved to the church of Our Lady in Sint Truiden. From this time onwards the organ underwent several major transformations. In the mid-19th century a neogothic gallery was built, at which time the local organ builder Arnold Clerinx incorporated the ‘Rückpositiv’ organ as a ‘Brustwerk’ in the main organ case. In 1913, another organbuilder, also of Sint Truiden, Theodoor Ruef, built an organ with pneumatic transmission in the late romantic style, but keeping the original case and some six ranks of old pipework. Since 1970 the organ had been in a state of disrepair.


At the time of the restoration in 1994, a return of the organ to one of its earlier states was not feasible for reasons of architecture as well as for the lack of any homogeneous concept suggested by the remaining pipes, little of which was of any musical or historical value. In view of widening the scope of the existing organs in the region, the decision fell in favor of a new instrument appropriate for the interpretation of the great composers of the German baroque period. The old organ case was preserved as well as the six existing old pipe ranks. The design of the new windchests, the high lead content of the pipe metal and the low pitch all look back to the old traditions.


Stop list



Bordun 16'

Oktava 8'

Viola Gamba 8'

Gedackt 8'

Cotave 4'

Octava 2'

Mixtur VI

Sexquialtera II

Cornet IV

Fagott 16'

Trompeta 8'



Hauptwerk / Oberwerk

Hauptwerk / Brustwerk




Quintadena 16'

Principal 8'

Rohrflöte 8'

Principal 4'

Gemshorn 4'

Octava 2'

Scharff IV

Vox Humana 8'






Gedackt 8'

Quintadena 8'

Principal 4'

Nasat 3'

Octava 2'

Tertia 2'

Quinta 2'

Flaschflöte 1'

Cimbel IV

Crummhorn 8'






Principal-Bass 16'

Sub-Bass 16'

Octaven-Bass 8'

Octava 4'

Mixtur IV

Bauernflöten-Bass 1'

Posaunen-Bass 16'

Trompeta 8'

Clarino 4'

Cornet 2'


Hauptwerk / Pedal

Brustwerk / Hauptwerk

Oberwerk / Hauptwerk


Sint-Truiden (B)
Built in
1728 – 1738 / 1821 / 1995
Organ builder
Laurent Gilman / Arnold Clerinx / Guido Schumacher
Stop list
III – P, 42