Lontzen (B) | Saint Hubertus

Small instruments with a baroque oriented specification based on a Principal 4' are, most of the time, balustrade organs. The distribution over two manuals meets the parishioners wish to have the possibility to listen to organ works for two manuals and the students’ desire to dispose of a suitable study organ. The console has been placed behind and thanks to the lowered and curved central part the organist has an open view down on the altar, furthermore the visitor can still admire the beautiful round church window of the back wall. The design of the pipe shades continues the foliage pattern on the walls of the church which has been entirely painted in the Pre-Raphaelite style


Stop list

Manual I


Gedeckt 8'

Prinzipal 4'

Oktave 2'

Mixtur III


Manualcoupler II / I


Manual II


Gedeckt 8' (transmitted)

Rohrflöte 4'

Nazard 2 ' treble

Terz 1 ⅗' treble




Pedalcoupler I / P

Pedalcoupler II / P


Lontzen (B)
Built in
Organ builder
Guido Schumacher
Stop list
II – P, 8