This organ with its two stops was originally intended to be played with a consort of viols or other string instruments in diverse combinations. For this reason wooden pipes were used for both the Gedeckt 8' and Flöte 4' stops because of their warm tonal quality which blends excellently with the strings. The Gedeckt 8' stop can be played with closed doors without changing pitch also, by virtue of a flap in the case top, the volume can be varied. This instrument has a transposing device which allows performance at early pitch.


To facilitate its portability the organ can be taken apart into two sections and the large wooden pipes at the rear can be removed as well.


Stop list


C – d '''


Holzgedeckt 8'

Holzflöte 4'


Aachen (D)
Built in
Organ builder
Guido Schumacher
Stop list
I, 2